Based out of Venice, CA, Sundae Flying embodies the artistic journey of Christopher Lorello. Growing up on Long Island, NY, Lorello's teenage soundtrack echoed punk anthems from Warped Tour's heyday. Shifting gears, he explored electro-pop and experimental sounds inspired by PlayRadioPlay!, Postal Service, and Sigur Rós.

A pivotal encounter with LSD at 17 opened the door to a psychedelic exploration, immersing him in the timeless tunes of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Dylan. His twenties became a deep dive into classic rock, resulting in a collection of songs that spanned various eras.

In 2020, while sifting through old recordings, Lorello envisioned Sundae Flying—a project that would seamlessly integrate his diverse musical journey. By early 2022, the first Sundae Flying recordings emerged, releasing a steady stream of singles that illuminate a sound touched by all his inspirations. Welcome to Sundae Flying—a sonic journey that encapsulates dreamy tones, introspective lyrics, and a mellow melancholy born from a lifetime of musical exploration.

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