Pitch Sheet - 2024

The Prospect - Western / Period Drama - TBA - A young and fearless deckhand overhears the legend of treasure; a cavern filled with gold on Shelter Cove, hidden by natives. He abandons his boat to stay ashore and hunt for it, leading him first to lust for a sensuous prostitute in town then unwittingly into war with the wealthy, tyrannical, prospector who already claimed both the treasure and lady.

Milkshake Crime Thriller / Murder Mystery - 2020 - Fall of 1997, A raver girl picks up two punk hitchhikers; Drugs are stolen at a party then a milkshake is left at the scene of a sporadic murder. Their getaway to a nearby weed farm seems clean, but an investigation ensues, a cataclysm is unleashed, and past family sins are dredged up. Will anyone survive this trip of deceit?

Feliz Navidog / Christmas Puppy Surprise - Holiday - 2017 - A hard nosed firefighter wants to buy his girlfriend’s children a majestic puppy for Christmas to win their affection, but the neighbors, a famous young influencer couple, want the same dog, except to use and showcase on their holiday livestream event. It's Christmas eve, no one will surrender, and no one is prepared for the real surprises coming.

Great Exposure - Coming of Age/Drama - 2013 - A once promising teenage girl, now unmotivated, addicted to heroin, and scarred by her parents bitter divorce, finds inspiration and strength at rehab to overcome her addiction by pursuing her passion for photography in New York but where her camera leads her is equally traumatic.

Blue Balls - Comedy - 2012 - A spoiled trust fund collegiate and his impotent mad scientist roommate are soliciting a pseudo sexual enhancement drug when they’re derailed on their quest for funding in LA, cursed with "Blue Balls" and sent on a witch hunt to hell to undo it.


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